Entries from February 2009

Don’t Pay Fees to Reduce Your Property Taxes

Date February 24, 2009

If you’re a homeowner, you more than likely have received numerous mailings from attorneys and private companies offering their help to have your property re-assessed and your property tax amount lowered. With falling property values, you may be able to save hundreds, or thousands, of dollars each year. I urge you – don’t respond or […]

MCCU’s Low Car Loan Rates on Channel 9 News!

Date February 18, 2009

Once again, MCCU was featured on KCAL9’s Money 101 segment! Our low car loan rates were featured. Here’s why you should get your next car loan from us: Low rates = affordable monthly payments 60 Day no payment option (interest will accrue) No application fees Terms up to 84 months Car buying service available Apply […]

Mortgage Relief in Sight

Date February 18, 2009

I read today on cnnmoney.com that President Obama is unveiling a $75 billion multi-pronged plan today that seeks to help up to 9 million borrowers suffering from falling home prices and unaffordable monthly payments. The long-awaited foreclosure fix marks a sharp departure from the Bush administration, which relied mainly on having servicers voluntarily modify troubled […]

Teaser Post: Tax Break for New Car Buyers!

Date February 9, 2009

Before I tell you about this, I must preface it by saying that this has not passed yet. But when and if it does, I will post it so please keep checking back! It’s no secret that car sales are down. Most consumers just can’t afford to buy a new car. Mechanics are doing a […]

Online Banking – Is It Safe?

Date February 3, 2009

I recently read an article on MSN Money about the safety of online banking. There was a story about a business owner who had about $90,000 stolen from his online banking account. There were others who were saying they were skeptical about online banking. Online banking fraud is rare and there are so many reasons […]