Entries from June 2009

Cars for Clunkers a Good Deal…or Not?

Date June 25, 2009

On June 24th President Obama signed into law the “Cash for Clunkers” bill in yet another effort to hopefully encourage, and help, more consumers purchase a new car. However, the signature kicks off a 30-day period in which the Transportation Department will prepare regulations for the program. The National Automobile Dealers Association is advising dealers […]

Save Money on Taxes with a Tax-Deductible Auto Loan

Date June 17, 2009

If you’re like me, when it’s time to do your taxes you are searching for any possible deductions allowed by law. Handing¬†our hard-earned money over to the IRS is not something any of us is really fond of doing.¬†MCCU may have a solution for you. Do you have an auto loan? Are you thinking about […]

Budgeting Tips from CNN Money

Date June 10, 2009

Budgeting. We all know what it means, but do we do it? Maybe we think we are, or maybe we intend to, but never get around to implementing it. Or, maybe, we don’t know how to budget at all. Budgeting is especially important in this economy. Making each dollar count and ensuring all of our […]