Entries from August 2009

We’re Number One…Again!

Date August 31, 2009

Thanks to our loyal members and fans, we were recently voted BEST BANK/CREDIT UNION in Los Angeles by L.A. Daily News readers! We also held this title for 2008. The fact that a credit union won over a bank says a lot. Credit unions have as much to offer, if not more, than banks do […]

Senate OKs Extension for Cash for Clunkers!

Date August 7, 2009

Last night the Senate approve an additional $2 billion in funding for the successful Cash for Clunkers program. My question is – how long will this last? If you have a clunker, go out and buy your new car this weekend and make sure to get it financed with MCCU! You can go here for […]

Attention First-Time Homebuyers – Get Moving!

Date August 5, 2009

It has recently been reported that home sales, construction and prices increased in June. What does that mean for first-time homebuyers? Now is the time to do your homework, take advantage of savings and offers,¬†and get into a home! Government Tax Credit If you purchase your first home before December 1, 2009, you may be […]