Entries from April 2010

Bank Fees Too High?

Date April 22, 2010

I’ve heard so many friends and acquaintances complain recently about how high their bank fees have gotten. For things like NSF (bounced checks), stop payments and just to maintain their account. My response to them: Leave the bank, join a Credit Union! Really, it’s that easy. Oftentimes, their response is: But it’s too difficult to […]

Invest in a Credit Union and Invest in America

Date April 12, 2010

Matadors Community Credit Union (MCCU) is proud to be a participant of Invest in America. Invest in America is a membership enhancement program that offers our members discounts on products and services provided by U.S. based companies. This partnership not only gives our members’ valuable discounts, but it also increases sales for our participating companies […]

Don’t Let Your Credit Score Fall

Date April 1, 2010

The other day I was evaluating all of the credit I have floating around out there, especially on my credit cards. I do have one card that I really don’t use so, for a brief moment, I pondered cancelling it. Then I remembered that by doing that, my credit score would be affected, and not […]