Entries from September 2011

Bank of America to Charge $5 Monthly Debit Card Fee

Date September 30, 2011

I’ve already talked about banks charging debit card fees here, but yesterday it was announced that BofA will charge a $5 monthly fee, just to use your debit card, though not for ATM transactions. I won’t re-hash what I’ve already written, but I do want to reiterate that MCCU will not charge a fee for […]

Skip the lines at the DMV: Save Time and Go Online

Date September 22, 2011

The California Department of Motor Vehicles website has a new look! The revamped site¬†makes it easier for users to navigate and take advantage of the convenient online services offered by the DMV. ¬†When first logging on to the new DMV website, customers will see bold and streamlined content that highlights the DMV’s expanded online services […]

Buyer Beware: Flooded Used Cars on the Market

Date September 15, 2011

With the recent storms and flooding on the East Coast, many car owners are attempting to sell their cars…that have been flooded and my have caused serious damage to the vehicle. With the Internet, it’s not too far-fetched for someone on the West Coast to purchase a vehicle online from a seller on the East […]