Entries from October 2011

Car Loan Transfer Day

Date October 27, 2011

Bank Transfer Day – it’s not just for checking accounts! Do you have an auto loan with another lender – a bank perhaps? Would you like to lower your monthly payment? Of course you would. We’ve all been so preoccupied with checking accounts and debit cards that auto loans are being neglected. If you don’t […]

Leave Your Bank and We’ll Give You $25!

Date October 13, 2011

You don’t have to wait for Bank Transfer Day to switch to MCCU! Open a new Free Checking Account and Debit card with us and we’ll give you $25! It’s that easy. We know that switching your account can be a hassle. That’s why we offer our Switch Kits! Fill out a few simple forms […]

Bank Transfer Day is November 5th – Are You Participating?

Date October 12, 2011

The “Big Banks” are charging for Checking Accounts, and some will soon charge customers as much as $5 a month to use their Debit Card. So what are Americans doing to protest? Welcome to Bank Transfer Day on November 5, 2011! Bank Transfer Day encourages bank customers to move their accounts out of big banks […]