Entries from October 2012

Earn Money From Referrals!

Date October 17, 2012

The best form of advertising, in my opinion, is Word of Mouth. How do you typically hear about the best burger joint, or which dry cleaners to use, or where to enroll your child in preschool? Sure, there’s Yelp – which, in its own way is really word of mouth and referrals – but you […]

Join MCCU Today!

Date October 11, 2012

Top Ten Signs of Mortgage Scams

Date October 9, 2012

Mortgage rates are at their lowest. This means there are more mortgage companies, or individuals, who are preying on unsuspecting borrowers. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you know who you are doing business with, and be sure to work with an experienced mortgage professional. Mortgage fraud is on the rise. Be […]

Mortgage Mayhem: From Chaos, Emerges Order

Date October 5, 2012

The word “mayhem” has several synonyms including “chaos” and “confusion. I could not think of a better topic to begin with than addressing the mayhem that seems to exist about all things mortgage related.  Mortgage loans have always been a bit confusing, but as we are all aware by now, the entire mortgage industry has […]