Entries from April 2014

Internet Explorer Security Flaw – How You Can Protect Yourself

Date April 30, 2014

Microsoft has acknowledged a security flaw in its Internet Explorer browser that could put online banking users at risk. Microsoft confirmed on Saturday that a security vulnerability exists in versions 6 through 11 of Internet Explorer, which is used by about one in four online consumers. Microsoft describes the flaw as a remote code execution vulnerability. […]

5 Ways to Prepare to Pay for College

Date April 8, 2014

Paying for college is one of the costliest, yet most invaluable, expenses a parent will ever take on. According to recent data from the College Board, the cost of tuition and fees at public, four-year in-state schools is currently $18,391 per year, while annual rates at private, nonprofit schools average $40,917. Should your child graduate […]

How to Use Your Tax Refund

Date April 1, 2014

It’s that time of year again. No, it’s not the start of spring. It’s tax season! For some, it can be a dreaded time when sending in a tax return also means sending Uncle Sam a sizable check. But for others, it can mean an unexpected payday. The average tax refund in 2014 will total […]