Entries from August 2016

Home Loans Made Easy at Matadors Community Credit Union!

Date August 31, 2016

If you’re in the market to buy a new home, or if you want to refinance the loan you have and save money, look no further than our Home Loan Partner American Family Funding. Established in 1993, American Family Funding (AFF) has built a strong reputation as an outstanding mortgage brokerage firm serving the lending […]

Being “Green” at Home Can Save You Money

Date August 29, 2016

 A few years ago, being green was the “new black.” Everything from pet food to cleaning supplies was going green with promises of environmental friendliness and guilt-free consumption. Going green has gone mainstream, but the impact on your budget can still be profound. Skip the chemicals—Go au naturale. Cleaning your house and clothes in the […]

Be Aware of Credit Score Scams

Date August 24, 2016

Your credit score is part of the seemingly magical recipe that determines your interest rates on loans, your insurance premium, and sometimes your hiring decision. Once a guarded secret, your credit score is now available for FREE through many sources. Sites like quizzle.com, mint.com, and creditkarma.com provide your score for FREE in exchange for your […]

Easy Ways to Save Money Every Month

Date August 22, 2016

On a strict budget? Do you want/need to save more money each month? According to a recent article in Money Magazine, there are several easy ways you can save up to $3,000 a month! Some of the tips are:   Refinance your mortgage. We can help with that! Transfer your credit card balance. If you’re paying a high […]

How to Be a Money-Smart Graduate Student

Date August 19, 2016

Whether you’ll be pursuing a master’s degree in English literature or a Ph.D. in chemical engineering this fall, life as a graduate student likely will require a good deal of thriftiness. But that doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to a steady diet of instant noodles and cereal for the foreseeable future. Here’s a […]

Make Smart Decisions When Buying a Home

Date August 17, 2016

A home is probably the largest purchase you will make in your financial life. Review these tips to make sure you are making the best decision. Get prequalified. Take the time to meet with a lender before you start looking to ensure you are searching in the price range you can afford. They can also […]

Get a New Car AND a Special Low Rate!

Date August 15, 2016

For a limited time, you can buy a new or pre-owned car, without the hassle of visiting a Dealership, and you can enjoy a special low rate! Now through October 31, when you buy a car through Autoland, and finance with MCCU, we’ll lower your rate by .25% APR!² Autoland works for you, saving you […]

Financial Literacy for Kids

Date August 12, 2016

No matter how enthusiastic you are, trying to formally teach finance to kids is a tall order that is likely to make their eyes glaze over. Hold their attention by keeping money lessons relevant, age-appropriate and a bit playful. First finances Preschoolers can grasp that money is exchanged for stuff. Teach them the names of coins, […]

Financial Tips for Recent Grads Entering the Workforce

Date August 10, 2016

College is in your rearview mirror, and you’re about to enter the working world. Although snagging a job certainly calls for a celebration or two, it is also time to start tackling the various financial responsibilities that await you, like saving for retirement and improving your credit score. Here’s an overview of where to get […]

Car Buying Made EASY with Autoland!

Date August 8, 2016

It’s back to school season and that means car shopping for a lot of people looking for that perfect car, truck or SUV. If you’re among this group, Matadors Community Credit Union has you covered with great auto loan rates and a better car buying experience with Autoland! Autoland works for you, saving you both […]