Entries from January 2017

Rising Interest Rates: What Do They Mean For You?

Date January 30, 2017

You’ve probably seen the financial headlines announcing that the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates. These headlines are either accompanied by devastating or optimistic predictions, which can be confusing. What does this news really mean for you? The prime interest rate is the rate the Federal Reserve charges financial institutions to borrow from it. It […]

How Much Should 20-Somethings Save?

Date January 26, 2017

Your 20s may seem like an odd time to think of saving for retirement, but it’s actually the perfect moment to start planning for your later years. That’s because the earlier you start saving, the more time your money has to grow. Savers who begin setting aside 10% of their earnings at 25, for example, […]

Winterize Your Car for the Season Ahead

Date January 23, 2017

With auto manufacturers making cars more dependable every year, we tend to think our vehicle is continuously in good shape for driving conditions all year-round. But, the reality is that normal wear and tear from daily driving can hinder a car’s performance. Driving during the winter season can be especially hard on your vehicle which […]

Key Tax-Preparation Tips to Cut Stress

Date January 19, 2017

Save up to $15 with TurboTax now! Although it comes around every spring, tax season tends to inflict the same headaches year after year. To reduce your stress — and maximize your refund — it’ll help to stay organized and be aware of recent changes to the tax code. For additional motivation to get on […]

Raise Money Smart Kids

Date January 17, 2017

Financial matters can be complicated, and we don’t always feel qualified to teach our children about money. But, the truth is, we’re the best teachers they’ll ever have on the subject. As parents, we can interject valuable money lessons into everyday life. The same way you teach your children to say “please” and “thank you,” […]

ALERT: FHA Reduces Mortgage Insurance Premiums

Date January 13, 2017

Now might be the time to refinance your FHA mortgage! Good news if you currently have an FHA mortgage, or are looking to purchase a new home with a FHA loan. Effective January 27, 2017, the FHA is dropping their annual Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) to their lowest levels in nearly a decade. The annual […]

Car Buying 101 – Options with Options

Date January 11, 2017

The average American spends two hours in their car every single day, which averages out to about 30 days a year! Spending that much time in a car makes it all that more important to choose the perfect one, with perfect options to suit your needs. Every option can make a difference. Every new model […]

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Home

Date January 9, 2017

The “American Dream” of owning a home is making a slow comeback after the 2008 financial crisis, but there are still things to consider before undertaking this large financial commitment.     Don’t consider your home as part of your assets. It’s where you and your family live, and it’s not something you can trade […]

Organize Your Finances for the New Year

Date January 5, 2017

  A new year brings a chance to start fresh with just about anything. If your midnight toast includes a resolution to improve your financial health, here’s how to make it happen. Get on a budget To get ahead, it’s important to know where you stand and to create a plan with realistic goals such […]

New Year Brings New Laws for Californians

Date January 3, 2017

It’s a new year, and that means new laws went into effect January 1. One very important law is AB 1785 –  Vehicles: Use of Wireless Electronic Devices. This new law states that motorists are no longer permitted to hold a wireless telephone or electronic wireless communications device while driving a motor vehicle. Rather than […]