Entries from April 2017

Still Not Saving? You’re Not Alone!

Date April 28, 2017

We like to think of ourselves as learning animals. We take our lived experiences, extract valuable lessons from them and use that information to improve our daily lives. This is how we get better at doing things over time. However, a recent survey from Bankrate.com shows that we haven’t yet learned the lessons of the […]

The Benefits of Shopping Local

Date April 26, 2017

Your credit union is built on the idea of people helping people. You already know we can do a better job looking after your money than a mega-chain bank that answers to shareholders, because we know you and our community. So why give that up when you find a bargain online? Shopping locally is better […]

Charitable Giving: What You Can And Can’t Deduct

Date April 24, 2017

Tax season may have just ended, but hopefully the selfless act of giving to those in need hasn’t. Helping others financially is a wonderful thing in and of itself, and the tax deduction is a nice benefit, too. But don’t assume that just because you’ve donated to a worthy cause, everything you donate is tax […]

7 Myths About Credit Unions

Date April 21, 2017

How much do you know about credit unions? Test yourself on these 7 myths: How many did you believe until today? Myth #1: You must meet strict eligibility requirements. Fact: While credit unions do require that members meet certain requirements to satisfy a common bond, many of these are broad, and few of them truly […]

Financial Literacy Month – Celebrate Knowledge!

Date April 19, 2017

“April showers bring May flowers,” goes the old saying. It’s also a great lesson about the importance of saving – where weathering some light showers can pay dividends during the nicer days that are to come. April is Financial Literacy Month, and a great time to think about some important lessons everyone can learn about […]

Why HELOCs Are A Good Idea

Date April 17, 2017

Debt is the wealth killer. You’ve heard this piece of advice repeated in a million different corners of financial news. You’ve read articles telling you to get rid of all your debt in order to build wealth and save for the future. There’s one very notable exception, though, and you’re living in it. Debt secured […]

What Do I Do With My Tax Refund?

Date April 12, 2017

We don’t normally like to tell you how to spend your money. Our members tend to be very good at that, often finding creative ways to turn the hours they’ve spent at the office into new ways to enjoy their lives. More often, we tell you how to not spend your money by letting you […]

Saving At The Vet: How To Keep Your Furry Friends From Breaking The Bank

Date April 10, 2017

We all love our pets. Cats, dogs, ferrets and furry babies of all sorts are members of the family. They eat and sleep under the same roof. They give affection when you’ve had a rough day. Your fridge, mantle and social media are full of pictures of your animals clowning around, just like any other […]

Why Should I Refer My Friends To The Credit Union?

Date April 7, 2017

Credit unions are an important part of our community. The members of your credit union are your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. They care enough about where they live to invest their money locally by keeping savings accounts and their other banking matters “in the family.” The strength and stability of a credit union comes […]

Getting The Most Out Of Youth Accounts

Date April 5, 2017

Managing money is a fundamental life skill. That’s why it’s best to give your kids a head start on money management and saving. In honor of National Credit Union Youth Month, MCCU is focusing on ways to help make this task as simple as possible for parents and guardians of our youth. MCCU is proud to offer […]