Entries from May 2017

Borrowing Against Your 401(k) – Is It Ever A Good Idea?

Date May 31, 2017

One of the many perks available to working folk is a company-matched retirement plan, named after the part of the tax code authorizing it. These tax-deferred retirement packages are the principal retirement vehicle for just over half of all people in the United States. Americans sock away about 6% of their pay in 401(k) plans […]

Infographic: Go Paperless and Save!

Date May 26, 2017

Teaching Kids Real Money/Life Skills: Building a Budget

Date May 24, 2017

With summer fast approaching, this is a great time and opportunity to teach kids smart money management.  Though it’s hard to believe it when you’re knee-deep in their laundry and begging them to do their homework, your little ones won’t be young forever. Some day, they will be all grown up and have homes of […]

Changes In The VantageScore System: What That Means For You

Date May 22, 2017

Maintaining a good credit score means you can usually get better rates on loans, which equals lower loan payments. Plus, you have a better chance of getting that loan if you have a good credit score. Read this article to learn about the upcoming changes that may affect you and your score. Q: I’ve heard […]

Summer Semester Fun

Date May 19, 2017

Here’s a real brainteaser for you: Flip-flops, sunscreen, iced coffees and textbooks – which of these is not like the others? If you’re one of the thousands of college students staying on for the summer semester, this assortment may accurately describe your summer plans. It’s great that you’re choosing the summer months to catch up […]

How To Use Your Graduation Presents To Build Your Financial Future

Date May 17, 2017

If you’re graduating in May, congratulations (assuming you survive finals, that is)! You’ve survived four years – maybe more, and that’s OK –  of nose-to-the-grindstone studying, four years of ramen noodle breakfasts and four years of frantic, last-minute papers. Your family and friends are eager to celebrate your accomplishment, and one of the ways they […]

Coming to a Branch Near You – With Shared Branching

Date May 15, 2017

Personalized service is a major benefit of banking at Matadors Community Credit Union (MCCU), and you don’t have to sacrifice convenience to get it. Take advantage of MCCU’s shared branching services through CO-OP Shared Branch and you can access your account at any of 5,100 credit union branches nationwide, often just as if you were […]

Mother’s Day On A Budget

Date May 12, 2017

Along with the blooming flowers and blazing sunshine comes the plans for celebrating Mother’s Day. Our moms are always there for us, and now is when we show them how much we appreciate all they do. However, between flowers, gifts, and dining out, Mother’s Day costs can quickly add up. How do you keep within […]

Top 10 Do’s And Don’ts For Personal Loans

Date May 10, 2017

If you are in need of some cash, and don’t have equity in your home (or don’t own a home), consider a low-rate Personal Loan. The rate is usually lower than a credit card, and the terms are usually flexible, letting you enjoy low monthly payments.   Do use it to consolidate debt. Put all […]

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) For Today And Tomorrow

Date May 8, 2017

A Health Savings Account (HSA) makes for an easy way to save and pay for qualified medical expenses now and down the road. Though it’s often confused with a Flexible Savings Account (FSA), a Health Savings Account is not the same. For one thing, the funds roll from year to year and will move with […]