Entries from July 2017

Are Your Investments Safe?

Date July 27, 2017

What’s your first thought when you consider the question, “Are your investments safe?” You might think about federally insured deposit accounts through the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). The NCUA is the independent agency that administers the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF). That’s a logical and comforting first thought for most credit union members, […]

Video: The Secret to Financial Success

Date July 25, 2017


A Different Breed Of Diversification: What Multiple Certificates Can Do For You

Date July 20, 2017

Share certificates allow you to earn a good return on your money while keeping it accessible for use for major expenses. If you’re planning on buying a house or a car, keeping your down payment money in a certificate can hasten its growth toward your goal.However, If you’re saving for two large purchases, it can […]

Video: Low Or No-Cost Vacation Ideas

Date July 18, 2017

Vacation doesn’t have to cost a lot of money!  

The Best Deals On Wheels For College Students

Date July 13, 2017

You’ve shopped for weeks and you’ve packed for hours. Now, you’re finally ready to load your trunk and pull out of the family driveway toward your next stage in life. Which set of wheels will accompany you on your rite of passage into the grown-up world? Yes–you’ve chosen your college, your major, and perhaps your […]

Road Trip On A Budget

Date July 11, 2017

Whether it’s summer or spring break, college campuses will empty out and highways will fill up with students blowing off a semester’s worth of steam while road tripping to great vacation destinations. For many students, this might be the first time they’ve taken a vacation without parents to help plan (and pay for) it. For […]

Plan For The Payoff When You Plan Your Student Loans

Date July 6, 2017

Planning ahead for college is not just a matter of getting good grades and accumulating a list of extracurricular activities and awards. It’s also a process of understanding how to pay for tuition and living expenses during the college years, which often extends beyond the typical four-year period and sometimes also includes graduate school. Parents […]

Video: Paying Back a Loan

Date July 3, 2017