Entries from September 2017

Debit Cards – Credit Cards With Training Wheels

Date September 29, 2017

When it’s time for teenagers to drive, they’ll need to pay for gas, insurance, and vehicle maintenance costs. Plus, whenever they are out on the road, there’s a good chance they may be spending money at restaurants, stores, and theaters too. You probably don’t want your teenager carrying a lot of cash, so that means […]

How To Spot A Credit Repair Scam 

Date September 26, 2017

Credit repair scammers tell you they can make credit repair quick and easy. Unfortunately, when they’re done, your score may still be low, you’ll have lost a nice chunk of change and may even be facing criminal charges. Here are the warning signs of a credit repair scam: 1.) Upfront payment Under the Credit Repair […]

International Credit Union Day: Dreams Thrive Here

Date September 21, 2017

Are you as excited as we are to celebrate International Credit Union Day on Oct. 19, 2017? It’s a day to share your experiences as a member and to reflect upon all the benefits you enjoy by being a part of your credit union. Each year, CUNA (Credit Union National Association) and the World Council […]

3 Reasons To Choose ‘Debit’ At The Checkout Line

Date September 19, 2017

“Debit or credit” has become the refrain of retail transactions. After selecting your purchases, it’s seemingly the biggest decision you have to make. For many people, the choice doesn’t get a second thought. In this article, we’ll look at three reasons why choosing your debit card for retail transactions is the smarter move. 1.) Double-authentication […]

Buy a Car Without Going to a Dealership? Yes, You Can!

Date September 13, 2017

With Autoland, you don’t have to waste hours of your precious time at the Dealer! And, you won’t have to haggle with those finance reps! Autoland can help you find the new or certified pre-owned car you’re looking for, even if you don’t know where to start. You can start your car search online, and […]

Everything You Need To Know About The Equifax Breach

Date September 11, 2017

In a recently revealed breach, 143 million Americans may have had their personal information exposed. Equifax, one of the nation’s three major credit reporting agencies, reported a massive data breach lasting several months. Hackers were able to access people’s names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and driver’s license numbers. They also stole credit card […]

What Would You Give Up to Be Debt-Free?

Date September 7, 2017

Looking to get out from under a mountain of credit card debt? You’ve likely come across an aspirational story or 12 while clicking around. They usually go like this: Penny-pinching Peter rid himself of an enormous amount of debt by cutting out small treats and giving up Netflix. But will abstaining from $12 avocado toast […]

Helping Harvey Victims Without Getting Scammed

Date September 5, 2017

The news reports about the Hurricane Harvey victims can really tug at your heart. You may even be moved to donate whatever you can to assist in the relief efforts. Unfortunately, though, that’s exactly what many scammers are counting on. Here’s how you can help out without falling prey to scams. 1.) Avoid Harvey scams […]