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Plan For The Payoff When You Plan Your Student Loans

Date July 6, 2017

Planning ahead for college is not just a matter of getting good grades and accumulating a list of extracurricular activities and awards. It’s also a process of understanding how to pay for tuition and living expenses during the college years, which often extends beyond the typical four-year period and sometimes also includes graduate school. Parents […]

Your Personal RV Buying Guide

Date June 28, 2017

Q: It’s vacation time! We’re thinking about buying an RV, but RV lots seem so intimidating! How can we fight that stress? A: Nothing beats a summertime road trip, but long hours in the car can really kill a vacation. That’s the beauty of recreational vehicles. The road IS the destination; anywhere you go, you’ve got luxury-class […]

Skip-a-Pay: Free Cash Flow With A Summertime Break From Your Loan Payment

Date June 23, 2017

Q: Summer puts a strain on my budget because of extra expenses! Is there any way I can skip my car loan payment, just for one month, without being penalized? A: Summer expenses can bust any budget. Skip-a-pay will give you more breathing room during this expensive time of year. Skip-a-Pay is a program offered by MCCU […]

Make Your Home Energy Efficient!

Date June 14, 2017

Matadors Community Credit Union has partnered with the state of California to offer homeowners affordable financing for energy-efficient upgrades! Click here for more information on our Energy Loans and enjoy the video!    

Getting Married? Don’t Let Financial Stress Take The Cake

Date June 5, 2017

Of all the things to discuss before marriage, finances are the least exciting. Statistically, money is the top reason couples argue and financial arguments are among the top predictors of divorce. So, how can you avoid becoming a statistic? Here are some ideas from the experts: Talk To Each Other A 2013 poll by the […]

Borrowing Against Your 401(k) – Is It Ever A Good Idea?

Date May 31, 2017

One of the many perks available to working folk is a company-matched retirement plan, named after the part of the tax code authorizing it. These tax-deferred retirement packages are the principal retirement vehicle for just over half of all people in the United States. Americans sock away about 6% of their pay in 401(k) plans […]

Top 10 Do’s And Don’ts For Personal Loans

Date May 10, 2017

If you are in need of some cash, and don’t have equity in your home (or don’t own a home), consider a low-rate Personal Loan. The rate is usually lower than a credit card, and the terms are usually flexible, letting you enjoy low monthly payments.   Do use it to consolidate debt. Put all […]

Why HELOCs Are A Good Idea

Date April 17, 2017

Debt is the wealth killer. You’ve heard this piece of advice repeated in a million different corners of financial news. You’ve read articles telling you to get rid of all your debt in order to build wealth and save for the future. There’s one very notable exception, though, and you’re living in it. Debt secured […]

Feeling Stuck In Your Car Loan? Might Be Time To Shop Around!

Date March 29, 2017

Some bills can’t be changed. For other bills, though, a little legwork can make a big difference in your monthly payment. Your car payment is a great example. Refinancing your auto loan can lead to a lower monthly payment, a shorter payment term or both! It depends on various factors, including the value of your […]

17 Ways to Accelerate your Student Loan Payoff in 2017

Date March 8, 2017

Learn how you can refinance your Student Loans and get a $200 cash bonus! Sign up for a free, 30-minute webinar and see how you can save money! New Year’s resolutions come and go, but student loans? Not so much. When 2018 rolls around, wouldn’t it be nice to see you’ve made a significant dent in […]