Teach Your Kids to be Smart Shoppers!

Date July 13, 2009

Like it or not, your kids are part of a huge consumer group. They influence billions of dollars in purchasing power each year, and advertisers spend billions of dollars marketing directly to them. If your toddler is already singing, “I’m lovin’ it”, that’s no coincidence.

How can you teach your children to be smart shoppers?

Turn off the TV. According to Money Magazine, kids watch an average of 40,000 TV commercials each year. It’s no wonder they know the jingles, slogans and mascots so well!

Talk to them. Explain what ads are and how companies are trying to influence their behavior. A little healthy skepticism is a good thing!

Teach them to comparison shop. Let them help you clip coupons. Show them how they can save money by waiting for sales. Challenge them to find the best price on those items they “have” to have.

Set a good example. Kids pay more attention to what you do, than to what you say. Be a smart shopper yourself, and your kids will probably do the same.

Want to teach your little one the importance of saving money?

Open a Kids Club Savings Account at Matadors Community Credit Union! We offer a Little Savers (up to age 12) and Teen Savers (13-17) accounts, plus a special Teen Savers Checking account if they’re 17. Learning about the value of money and how to manage your money should start at a young age. Your child or grandchild will thank you some day.

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