The Heat is On: Energy Loans for Home Improvements

Date July 2, 2013

Summer is indeed here, at least in Southern California! It’s hot and it most likely won’t let up for a while.

When it’s this hot, we use our A/C more and dread getting our DWP or Edison bills. What if you could save energy, and money? With MCCU’s Energy Loans, you can! You can get a loan for:

  • Energy Efficient Windows
  • Energy Efficient Furnace & Cooling
  • Energy Efficient Hot Water Heater
  • Wall Insulation
  • and more!

MCCU is a lender for Los Angeles County’s Energy Upgrade California program! You may even be able to get rebates and incentives!

Energy Upgrade California is an innovative program for  homeowners to improve their home’s energy efficiency, save water, lower utility bills and create a healthier and more comfortable home. Energy Upgrade California connects homeowners with participating contractors  who can help plan and complete their projects— and with rebates and incentives to help pay for them.

The “one-stop shop” guides you through the process:

  1. Select an upgrade package that suits your needs
  2. Decide whether or not to pursue a Whole-House Home Energy Rating
  3. Find a participating contractor to complete your upgrade and maximize your savings
  4. Get rebates, incentives and financing to help pay for your upgrade

About Energy Upgrade California in Los Angeles County

Energy Upgrade California Los Angeles is administered and overseen by an alliance among L.A. County, Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas Company and the City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. Los Angeles County was one of the first counties in California to roll out this program.  Locally, county officials are coordinating with Southern California Edison, the Southern California Gas Company and L.A.D.W.P. to provide homeowners with information on home upgrade benefits, financing, incentives and home energy ratings and help with finding participating contractors. For more information, consumers can visit Energy Upgrade California today!

Live in Northern California? Check out the State-Wide program!

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